A lady soave. A wine tale by Le Battistelle

A lady soave. According to Cristina Dal Bosco, owner of Le Battistelle winery, if it were a person, her Soave Classico doc would undoubtedly be a blossoming lady at her best age, 35-40 years old.


As her wine, she would come from the volcanic hills of the Soave Classico area, more precisely from Monteforte dโ€™Alpone, and she would tell about her land, the history of its people, their traditions and the magic plant of the ancient vine.
If she could fly, she would fly to Japan and she would be right, as Soave Classico doc is highly appreciated in that country, maybe because it matches particularly well with the local cuisine.


Le Battistelle’s Soave Classico doc is made only with the Garganega grape that grows on steep single-vine pergola terraces and basaltic-tufa soils. It is a balanced and flavorful wine, characterized by a fascinating evolution including aromatic herbs, white flowers and citruses. Structured on the palate, this wine has a significant minerality that recalls the volcanic nature of the soil. It is a smooth wine, with a long lasting final taste, marked longevity and harmony.

Once grapes are manually harvested in early October, they undergo destemming, soft pressing with immediate cooling of the must and then fermentation is started in steel barrels at controlled temperature for about 20 days. The wine will age on its fine lees for about 6 to 8 months with continuous batonnage.
As for food combinations, this wine matches well with Japanese cuisine, as Cristina explained, and also the traditional Italian first courses, such as risottos, vegetable soups, cheese, eggs and asparagus and fish.

The Battistelle winery is a small family farm located in Brognoligo, in the heart of the Soave Classico production area, which is limited to the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte Dโ€™Alpone, in the province of Verona.
The winery was founded in 2002, when the family decided to start producing wine with their grapes, which were previously sold to a cooperative winery. The vineyard surface amounts to 9 hectares divided in smaller lots located on the Brognoligo hills. The winery takes its name from the Battistelle mountain. On these rocky slopes and volcanic steep hills, the Garganega grape ripens at full potential, generating a combination of structure and elegance, balanced acidity and marked minerality.



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