Italian wine have to be exported, necessarily.  This is due to the elevated production – both in terms of quantity and quality – and to the declining trend in domestic consumption. And this is well known reality.

But wich are the correct steps
that need to be taken in order to export wine successfully?


Entering the export business involves a long and complex process. This is where wineries need identifying and targeting their market and to find knowledgeable importers and distributors able to place a quality wine and make it stands from the crowd. Professionals willing to participate to exhibitions and tasting, knowing how to present the company, the products and the territory while engaging with new audiences and different cultures.

The company web site, the brochure, as all the informatives, must be translated precisely, making sure the language is clear and understandable. The aim is to provide potential foreign customers with all the necessary information (also in terms of data sheets) while they are experiencing and tasting the new wine.

At the very start of this process it could be daunting for a company having to realize the implications involved in communicating with new audiences. A lack of preparation would halt and compromise the chance for a successful export outcome.


Vinomediatica offers internationalization and  export support services such as:

● market analysis
● potential importers and distributors identification
● translations
● restyling material
● advice and assistance on exporting into a range of markets
● participation to international fairs, support and advice




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