Male, muscular, with a lot to discover. Bastian Contrario, Capriano del Colle DOC Bianco Superiore Lazzari

“It is surely male, a white wine with late harvesting and long refinement that shows its muscles”. This is how Davide Lazzari of the Lazzari – Winegrowers since 1890 presents the Bastian Contrario at Ardesio DiVino for the 58th video clip of #โ€Žvinoumano project.


It is quite mature, but not enough to disclose itself – it’s only the third vintage produced. This is the reason why this wine is self-conscious and if it could talk it would rather listen and continue to learn and grow.


Bastian Contrario Capriano del Colle DOC Bianco Superiore is produced with 100% Trebbiano grapes from at least 20 years old vineyards characterized by overripening and late harvesting at the end of October, making use of the Botrytis affection that contributes to a further concentration of the product.
The must ferments in 12 months, for 50% of the time in steel and 50% directly in barrique and it then remains in barrels for refinement.
Bastian Contrario owes its name to the fact that it landed on the market to “breakthe ย ranks” of the wine habits, an “important” white wine designed by a “red wine hand” and produced in limited edition for the more curious wine lovers open to challenges.

This wine has an intense golden color, with a nose of spices and vanilla, tropical jam and medicinal herbs. The warm, bodied taste is fresh and flavorful. It matches well with fish – especially sea fish – savory dishes and white meat.

The Lazzari family has a passion for winegrowing that has passed down from generations for one century; it started as a hobby and developed into a profession and the mission to prove the potential of the Montenetto area – a small clayish hill located 10 km south from the city of Brescia, at 133 meters above the sea in the area of Capriano del Colle DOC – with all its climate, soil and varietal properties.

“In our mind, wine is a product solely tied to the land of origin. The winery’s task is to preserve what the harvest and our work on the land has given us without distorting the wine’s nature with synthetic substances”. This is Lazzari’s view and the reason why, over the years, they decreased the amount of sulfites, recovered two local clones of Marzemino grape and became the producers of the most rewarded Capriano del Colle DOC, both at national and international level. Since 2010 a photovoltaic equipment has provided energy to the production winery and, after 3 years of transformation, in 2016 they received the Organic Production certificate.



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