As with other industries, wine related communication is growing and will grow through social media and consumer engagement.
For this to happen it is necessary to understand the value and potential of social media and to pay attention to the rules of the social media game (the same for successful relationships):

  1. listen
  2. be authentic
  3. involve
  4. make contributions
  5. stay tuned.

And the social media marketing rules for wine producers are:

  1. open the cellar
  2. tell stories about your work in vineyard and in cellar
  3. allow consumer to taste the products
  4. look for the direct relationship with the customer
  5. build relationship.

Why do we have to use social media

to communicate wine?

Because wine is, by definition,


Wine is relational, because it helps creating connections and allows to express oneself.
The wine is infectious, satisfies all tastes, niche or mainstream, stimulates emotions, it satisfies the senses  and it can reach everyone.
Using a rash parallelism we can say that the social media user’s requirements are the same of the wine enthusiast, as well as the wine lover expert’s: to build a network where to share interests and information, to stay connected, to chat, to make friends and maybe to buy special products.

To sell you wines, to communicate and interact with the public, to share their content, to describe and promote their products, VINOMEDIATICA offers numerous online media services customized to suit different needs:

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