Xx is a female, natural, without constrictions. Pinot noir from Tenuta Dornach as narrated by Patrick Uccelli

As Patrick Uccelli – winegrower of Tenuta Dornach – made us notice, it’s easy to deduce: Xx is a female. A twenty something years old young lady brought up in harmony with the surrounding nature, in a place free from big constrictions. If she could talk, she would say there should be more beauty in the world, as the world terribly needs it.

Patrick instantly connect with #vinoumano’s spirit, in fact his description of his pinot noir Xx as an imaginary person is very consistent with Tenuta Dornach’s own style and main objective: to produce wine as naturally as possible, preserving the soil’s natural fertility at the origin of everything. At Tenuta Dornach (Salorno, in the province of Bolzano) people lives with and inside nature, practicing all things ‘organic’ with body and soul.

After decades of grapes trading, Tenuta Dornach wine production started in 2008, with partial vinification of pinot noir and pinot blanc grapes.

Xx is the red wine obtained from pinot noir grapes grown on lime-rich soil (yellow clay).

The vinification is traditional, the grapes are destemmed, pressed and yeast-free fermented leaving the skins to macerate for as long as possible. After the racking, the new wine is left to decantate for a couple of weeks and it’s then transferred to small French oak barrels where it refines for around 20-22 months. The refinement carries on for another year in bottle, after that Xx is ready to be sold.


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