A wonderful ballet dancer, who is strong and yet elegant and graceful. Bruma d’Autunno Colli Tortonesi DOC Barbera Superiore by Cascina i Carpini

#vinoumano crew met Paolo Carlo Ghislandi ( Cascina i Carpini ) at the 10 th National Meeting of the Rebels of Taste (Sovversivi del Gusto) in Soprazzocco di Gavardo (BS). While tasting delicacies, we pleasantly chatted with Paolo about his wine, Bruma d’Autunno Colli Tortonesi DOC Barbera Superiore.


He told us the story of a wonderful ballet dancer, who is very strong and yet elegant and graceful at the same time. This “ballerina” wine comes from an ancient vineyard dating back to 1926, so it has much to tell about its life in a hedonistic universe, as it goes wherever people look for pleasure, mainly in themselves or in the surrounding things.


The wine Bruma d’Autunno Colli Tortonesi DOC Barbera Superiore is fermented at controlled temperature with native yeasts from selected grapes of the local Barbera variety, which come from the vineyards planted here in the early 1900. It is characterized by a definite structure, it is complex and persistent with potential for evolution due to its extraordinary ability to age. It is unmistakably unique, as it combines the complexity of great wines and the traditional quaffability of the Barbera grape. Each vintage features different aroma shades that change over time and evolve into endless taste sensations.

Bruma d’Autunno belongs to the “Vini d’Arte” (art wines) collection, composed by truthful wines with a clean and bright color, rich in complex aromas with a straightforward taste. These are direct, persistent and lively wines that are born and grow following the pace of nature; they are refined in bottle and time makes them stronger and elegant.

I Carpini winery was founded at the end of the 90s, when the Ghislandi family acquired the Cascina with its surrounding vineyards, meadows, pristine woods and their large animal population, a property set in the perfect pedoclimatic conditions to produce wine in full respect of the environment. The territory displays the typical characteristics that we encounter in the glass as organoleptic features: the sudden change in temperature due to the altitude, the natural protection offered by the woods, the mineral content of thermal groundwater, the proximity with the sea and brackish rain water and the significant biological contribution by the local wild fauna.

Cascina Carpini’s vineyards stretch along the village of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Pozzol Groppo, in the province of Alessandria, facing south-east. The land is a medium density, fresh and well drained soil, with groundwater running a few meters below the surface, which maintains water available and create a unique microclimate.

The area of Colli Tortonesi lies at the crossing of four different regions, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Liguria. Back in history this land used to be a hub for trade and cultural exchange among regions. The landscape ranges from farmed land to curvy hills covered in vineyards and orchards, oak and chestnut trees, steep mountain slopes from the Monviso to the sea in Liguria. Wine growing is a century long, precious tradition of this territory.


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