A protecting father and a cuddling mother. Bersò Colli Tortonesi Barbera Superiore by Corte Solidale

 It would say “I will cuddle you even after dinner!”. This is, in fact, both father and mother, with his masculine protection and her feminine cuddle. #vinoumano has tasted Bersò Colli Tortonesi Barbera Superiore by Corte Solidale, the wine presented by Stefano Marelli at the Rebels of Taste (Sovversivi del Gusto) festival in Gavardo (BS).



Bersò is a father-mother Barbera wine, it protects and cuddles, while perfectly describing the terroir. This is the evolution of Barbera.

The nose picks sweetness and fruit preserved in alcohol, the palate recalls cherry and dried plum, with an aftertaste of chocolate and coffee beans. The aroma is balancedly acid with a mature tannin, the bright color ranges from purple to violet. The 12 to 18 months refinement in used barrique does not distort the strong character of this Barbera and its decisive inclination to aging; this wine is pleasant to drink with cured meat, matured cheeses, roasted meat, game or at the end of the meal.

Corte Solidale is a farm located on the hills Colli Tortonesi in Berzano di Tortona, in the province of Alessandria, Piedmont. The farming activity mainly revolves around wine production. However, the young farmers running the farm and living in community dream about diversifying production, including fruit growing, farm animals breeding and teaching activities.

The 1600 buildings of the farm in the Colli Tortonesi area include an ancient courtyard with the dwelling of the farmers, the stable and the barn. A place that used to have very clear functional and hierarchical differences has been transformed into a new farming project, La Corte Solidale (the cooperating courtyard), where young families live and work, committed to the respect, protection and recovery of the natural environment. Doors are opened to a social farming project involving operators, volunteers and other users in need.


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