“I’m tired!” Villa Job gives voice to an emancipated pinot gris

If the pinot gris was a person he’d be a man in his forties. If he could talk he’d ask to be free to express himself without preconceptions and prejudices. Lavinia and Alessandro from Villa Job (UD – Friuli) give voce to their pinot gris, the emancipated and biodynamic Pinot Grigio Villa Job IGT Venezia Giulia.


Pinot gris as a grape doesn’t have an easy life but in some plains and hills of Friuli this magnificent variety has found a way to express itself at significant levels; to do this at Villa Job they have focused the research on clones and their potential. The average age of the plants used to produce Villa Job pinot grigio is 15 years. The grapes are selected and harvestested manually in boxes. The wine is aged in steel for 10 months and in bottle for 6 months.



Villa Job is located in Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD) and the vineyards – 6 hectares and half of organic viticulture – are situated between Udine and Buttrio near the boundary line of Collio Orientale, in a strip of land considered one of the best wine areas of Friuli. The soils is limestone (for the elegance of white wines) or clay (for the structure in red wines). The surrounding forests and the Cormor River provide a unique microclimate. In the late summer nights this climate allows to prolong the harvest season getting grapes more sugary, aromatic and fragrant.



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