Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks) Arpepe: young nebbiolo seeking new pairings, in Canada

Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks) is a real man from Valtellina (indeed with the DOCG denomination!) he’s young, austere and of few words but truthful and curious. He would like to discover new situations, to taste foods different from those that usually he eats in Valtellina as sciatt and pizzoccheri, and he would love to travel.

He would live happily in Canada, land that he loves spasmodically, but, Emanuele Pelizzatti Perego explains, our friend nebbiolo is a lazy man, he moves little and he should be encouraged… and with the aging, of course, he’ll become refined and elegant.



Rocce Rosse is a denomination Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G. Sassella and it’s produced by Arpepe, in the town of Sondrio (Lombardy), from 100% Nebbiolo grapes or, as they call it in Valtellina, Chiavennasca. Garnet red with orange highlights slightly, subtle fragrance and ethereal, cherry and plum in alcohol, hazelnut, nutmeg, cloves, tobacco. Alive and fresh, caressing the palate with balanced harmony of flavors. The taste is dry, slightly tannic, velvety, elegant, with great freshness and balance. As Emanuele tells, Rocce Rosse pears perfectly with all the typical local food, with red meat and game, but it can conquer combined with a fish of great structure.

The winery Arpepe is located in Sondrio and it distinguish for the quality of the wines – won many national and international awards – for the great attention to the environment – ecological solutions have been adopted in architecture and energy – and for the well cared hospitality for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.




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