“Drink wine and inebriate untill the ecstasy!” said the dancing faun

You must always listen to the advice of a dancing faun! Guido Gualandi, archaeologist and Tuscan winemaker, ispired by seeing a dancing faun, decided to create his wine “”La danza del fauno” (The dance of the faun), grape colorino 100%, Rosso Toscana IGT.


Gualandi explains that he produces archaeological wines, it means that these wines are made with the same method of 2000/3000 years ago. The method is to work as little as possible on the products and avoid adding chemicals to correct the taste in the cellar , but choosing only natural methods such as fermentation together with the grape stalks, pressing with the manual press and aging in barrels.

“La danza del fauno” is produced with colorino, a native grape, and it’is fermented in vats truncated cone open and maturing in barrels of chestnut and oak.

Let’s listen, therefore, what professor Guido tells us about this dancing faun…



Podere Gualandi is in Poppiano – Montespertoli, Florence (Tuscany). On these lands they produce archaeological wines from the native grapes such as colorino, fogliatonda and pugnitello, ancient grais and extra virgin olive oil harvested by hand, cold crushed and stored in earthenware jars. Everything is made with great attention to quality and respecting the environment: the water used is recycled, the heating and the hot water are produced by solar energy, the electricity is produced by solar panels, they prefer handmade works to process the fields and they minimize the use of the tractor. The farm is certified organic since 2008 by ICEA.



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