The Gobbio is the Sean Connery of Botticino, DOC!


We were looking for #vinoumano at the Market Wine of Independent Winegrowers FIVI of Piacenza and there we met the Gobbio Botticino DOC that have been introduced, even “intimately”, by Pierangelo Noventa owner of the farm Noventa Bioviticoltori in the high hills of Botticino (BS).

Then we met the “Sean Connery Botticino”, great structure and elegance and above all, as its better-known like, it improves with age.



The organic farm Noventa is in Botticino, town located in the foothills just north-east of the city of Brescia in a position particularly picturesque, surrounded by Mount Maddalena and numerous hills on which there are vineyards and olive groves. The area, as well as for the wine Botticino DOC, it’s famous for the marble Botticino, a valuable sedimentary limestone that was used for decoration of the Vittoriano in Rome.

Gobbio borns on the highest plot (450 meters) of the farm, the only hill in the area of Botticino of white earth from which sometimes emerge fossil.
Structured wine, full-bodied, elegant and complex both smell and taste. It is mainly produced from grapes Barbera and Sangiovese, and a lesser amount Marzemino and Schiava Gentile. A slight withering of a bit of grapes Marzemino and Barbera brings the softness and then is aged for 36 months in oak barrels. It’s perfect with roasts and important dishes but above all as a sipping wine …in case that with Sean Connery you want just sip!


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